Acquisition United States visit the profound connotation show subtle and delicate

On September 22, the United States New York Times Square is playing on a big screen showing videos of Sino-American cultural exchange. Xinhua News Agency People s daily regulatory power actions bad guys

Learn visit it!

This is learned in the President’s first to the United States for a State visit. The visit marked the further deepening of Sino-US relations, and further development of bilateral pragmatic cooperation in various fields. Two sides will include, but are not limited to political, economic and trade, network security, and the South China Sea issue and other discussions and exchange of views.

These issues, has also become a topic of current concern and heated debate in China. Everyone was very excited to know the heads of State meeting details and insider, and hope this meeting will give bilateral relations and have far-reaching effects and good.

However, the visit merits particular attention is that it is a “State visit.” The so-called “State visit” is different from “official visits” or “working visit”, “visit” not only the highest level, the scenes are also the most ambitious, like inspecting a guard, played the national anthem, sounded a 21-gun salute, there are full details of a state dinner. These rituals, ritual tells us that “State visit” Although substantial progress of the talks and will be included, but it is also a symbol. Heads of State are representative of the country, such representation, does not mean the interests of representatives, also means that the connotation of national representatives and representatives of national values.

For a head of State, for a State visit, their representatives and the symbolism is very important and critical. Indicated in its focus goes far beyond friendship, business, execute contracts, but for image display and promotion of the values of the State, and on the basis of consensus and building mutual trust.

Big trip, as always, and as expected the compact, but it is a very tight, may wish to take out three Forum, brought a glimpse of big mysteries.

Entrepreneur talk

September 23 in Seattle there is a “heavyweight” dialogue. This dialogue has caused widespread anecdotal comment. Because everyone on the list, all shining with sparkling gold business icon community. Overall, embodies three characteristics of China’s economic development:

Money times, markets around the world.

These companies had a market capitalisation of about $ 1.2 trillion, equivalent to one-eighth per cent of China’s GDP last year. Members of “big brother” are the industry leaders. BAT three occupied a place on the Forbes list of global technology sector. Shuanghui Bandung is time’s list of the world’s 13 God only in Chinese, but also 2014 Forbes top ten innovative companies in Asia. Lu guanqiu of the wanxiang group is Forbes 2015 China stock pick of the year runner-up. Meanwhile, the overseas investment by Chinese enterprises have rich experience. Wanxiang group overseas acquisitions Hotel shuanghui Group’s acquisition of the overseas food Corporation, Cosco opened polar routes, fight for Greece port, China State construction contracts include the United States in Yankee Stadium station many of the international engineering projects, and so on.

Transformation and upgrading of traditional, emerging at a rapid pace.

The enterprises in the industry, including IT, finance, food, manufacturing, logistics, construction, energy, chemicals, home appliances and other fields. Moreover, the Internet accounts for new highs for the first time this year. Reflects China’s traditional manufacturing industries, such as power, some well-known “new nobility” pushed to the fore. Fully demonstrate our transformation and upgrading, innovation and development dynamic. Yang yuanqing, Lenovo, universal Lu guanqiu is Sino-American Symposium on “familiar faces”, Zhejiang Lu guanqiu, this is XI Jinping visited for the second time. China Ma, MA, Li, almost taking scenery in the period of the Internet in China. Tencent pony MA is the first follow-up, so too are the big three combination BAT, as the representatives of the first real “fit”.

State-owned firm, owned by leaps and bounds.

Follow-up more than private businesses from State-owned enterprises to private enterprises accounted for the main part of the change. The 15 people, only 5 members of the State-owned enterprises. China’s national capital of China, and China made a contribution. China’s large State-owned enterprises are among the best in the world. However, China still has great potential market and development, State-owned and private capital management and support for the national economy should not be antagonistic, but complementary, together. At present, the country continues to support and encourage private capital boom, private enterprises should be able to have wider space and the future. Therefore, “the universe’s largest” hand in hand with billionaires on the list, to participate in the dialogue, without any sense of endearingly.

Exquisite show: at this point, obviously, is the embodiment of China’s development in recent years. Therefore, display keywords are: rising.

Subtle confrontation: the United States sent include “God” 15 entrepreneurs such as Buffett, Apple CEO Cook big shot. In the Internet field, BAT VS Amazon; electronics manufacturing, VS IBM Lenovo; the auto industry, wanxiang group VS General Motors; the financial sector, Bank of China VS Berkshire Hathaway; food, yili VS Starbucks; chemical industry, new VS Dow Chemical. They are both potential partners, and a hint of competitors. During talks, presumably they will warm the confrontation, also smiled.

Women’s Summit

Acquiring much of visits not only was the President for the first time on a State visit, also his first speech at the United Nations Headquarters, and presided over two high profile conferences. One is to Ban Ki-moon co-chaired the Chinese Government organized jointly with the UN women’s Global Summit on women, on the theme “promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women, from commitment to action”.

Conference early roots. As early as in 1995, the World Conference on women, held in Beijing, 189 countries adopted the Beijing Declaration and programme of action, for women and girls in the different spheres of society enjoying equal rights, freedoms and opportunities away from poverty, persecution and violence committed, and has provided the long-term vision. Ren again in time, significant changes in the world situation and the situation of women had. In Memorial Beijing World Women Assembly held 20 annual Zhiji, focused women development currently is save of difficult and challenge, China hope international social should “again starting, and again action”, States should on implementation Beijing Declaration and action programme of, and achieved 2015 years Hou development agenda in the women field target made new of political commitment, and provides new of funds support, for improve women status, and achieved equality between men and women, and development and peace and continues to action.

For further impetus to States to fulfil their commitments, promoting the cause of gender equality and the empowerment of women, the Chinese Government, in cooperation with the United Nations ISDEMU, co-hosted the “Global Summit on women.” Summit has been widely recognized by the international community and a positive evaluation, there have been more than more than 80 State leaders and heads of international organizations confirm participation. During the global women’s Summit is expected to become the Summit of the General Assembly the largest and highest level conferences.

Not only has great plans, but also reflects deep concern. Telling the process of development, China is often criticized because of too much emphasis on economic benefits. How to fully reflect the responsibility of the international community, able to take on political and social issues such as rights, the right to speak, which is a symbol of a State responsibility, is a symbol of a country’s values. Women’s Summit is the embodiment of our new level of participation in international affairs.

Exquisite show: at this point, is embodied in the rise of China in the process of the international community to assume the political responsibility and mission. So, displays a keyword is: responsible.

Subtle rivalry: in the meantime, United States also intends to hold a women’s Forum. Although the each country and Government has its own issues. But human rights are often hung on the lip of the United States, perhaps when China began his explanation on this topic, they are also a little discomfort. Therefore, their subject is scheduled for the “non-governmental” role in women’s issues.

Summit on development and South-South cooperation

The United Nations is the world’s most important multilateral political forum. This is the 70 anniversary of the end of World War II, as the most important international organization established after the second world war, the United Nations has more than 70 years. Not only that, but this year is year of the completion of the United Nations Millennium development goals, it is in this historical moment, XI attended the meeting and delivered an important speech at the opening ceremony of the United Nations “debut” is particularly meaningful.

UN-Development Summit will open a new journey for world development. The international community looks forward to the development goals set at the higher, boosted confidence in global development, global partnerships for development, so that more developing countries be beneficiaries of global development. Significantly at the United Nations Summit on development with the parties discuss global development plan, elaborated in a fair, open, and comprehensive, and innovation as the core concept of development will also play China’s new initiative to promote global development cooperation.

In addition, the acquisition also organized jointly with the United Nations on South-South cooperation, China will host the Roundtable, with the leaders of other developing countries experiences, future, formulate deepening South-South cooperation programme of action, to promote South-South cooperation to a new height.

South-South cooperation, economic and technical cooperation among developing countries. Because of location, mostly in major developed countries in developing countries of the South, and economic and technical cooperation among developing countries was called “South-South”. South-South cooperation is the vast number of developing countries based on shared historical experience and independence faced the common task of developing the mutual cooperation is an indispensable component of international multilateral cooperation for development, is an important channel for developing self-reliance, to seek progress, as well as effective means of effective integration and participation of developing countries in the world economy.

China as developing countries of backbone power, as emerging economic body of representative, not only is committed to solution in global economic development process in the encountered of new problem, to promote itself economic development and people happiness, also deeply global economic integration Hou, global many economic body has became “fate community” of new situation, and has good of wishes, in common communication, and share knowledge and experience of based Shang, promoted developing countries between of technology cooperation and economic cooperation, and is committed to strengthening based facilities construction, and energy and environment, and SME development, human resources development, industry exchanges and cooperation in the field of health education.

Exquisite show: at this point, is the embodiment of how increased economic clout and political influence, or rather, organic and effective combination of economic and political clout, a real win-win situation. So, displays a keyword is: big.

Subtle rivalry: before the visit, United States’s next presidential election has kicked off. Top candidates Donald Trump hot words of his speech is “China”. His various occasions various tones of “China” has been United States satin hands became a popular joke. “China” in the United States level of hot. However, for this state visit United States media is cautious, even feigned indifference. Such comparisons, it is difficult to keep a little bit of “acid chirp” Association.

Therefore, acquiring much of his first State visit to the United States, is not a business or work, was a show, he took the “subtext”, and the Chinese new age image information will be conveyed to the United States, the General Assembly, as well as the whole world.

To sum up, this exquisite show, link is nothing more than: rising responsible power.


A State visit is a ritual activity, including the welcoming ceremonies, state dinners, and more. So, who’s to say we don’t have that little gossip a little plot, itching to know what Peng Mama tried to put what?

Since Peng Mama Exception (exception) dressed as an Example (example), her beauty clip-clop’s image has been deeply rooted. And there is obviously a “subtle confrontation.” Because Michelle Obama is also a character tastes obviously suffers from locals praise the first lady. And slightly different is that she has a very strong personality. So, perhaps we can imagine, Peng Mama has arrived in United States in that period of time has not yet arrived at Washington, Michelle may have to wear what not sleep for several days, right?

Finally, in order to not slanting floor, I still would like to have a

Exquisite show: Peng Mama, of course, has a lot of natural conditions, high face values and artistic. However, one could say that today’s China “first lady” shows, is also a Chinese confidence? So, displays a keyword is: confidence.

The whole, it is easy to see, our exquisite display is: rising responsible power of confidence.


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